Gamla Stan IBK Svart P11 Svart

Registration number: 1071
Registrator: Anna Lundström Log in
Primary shirt color: Black
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: Anna Lundström
Martin Edeljung
Frida Holmgren
Peter Carlstedt
Gamla Stan IBK Svart was one of 59 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Umecupen 2022. They participated with one team in Pojkar 2011.

In addition to Gamla Stan IBK Svart, 6 other teams played in Pojkar 2011.

Gamla Stan IBK Svart comes from Skellefteå which lies approximately 110 km from Umeå, where Umecupen takes place. The area around Skellefteå does also provide six additional clubs participating during Umecupen 2022 (SKELLEFTEÅ IBS, Gamla Stan IBK Vit, Kågedalens AIF, Gamla Stan IBK, Skellefteå IBK and Gamla Stan/IBK).

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